Weapons You Should Buy While Playing The Pixel Gun 3D Game

Weapons you should buy while playing the pixel gun 3D game

In the course of your playing of the pixel gun 3D game you will be required to use weapons as the only
way to kill the zombies that consistently attacks you. These weapons are required in any level of the
game. As the levels, progresses the missions become more hard and therefor4e require sophisticated
weapons in order to kill the enemy. You therefore need to u7pgrade your weapons so as to match the
powers of the zombies that will land on you. You can try do these by using gems and coins that you have
earned throughout your playing. Some of the weapons that and be bought using the two currencies


For primary uses in the game, marksman is the perfect partner for you. This is a long-range rifle that has
a fairly decent lethal power, the rate of firing is good, pixel gun 3d cheats have the ability to hold a good capacity of bullets.
You can add its power as you go up the different levels of the marksman up to the marksman up1, which
improves the capacity, and mobility of the gun. In subsequence, you can add up or upgrade the
marksman up1 riffle to marksman up2, which is more lethal than the rest. Marksman therefore is a good
way of taking over your village and retaining the much-needed peace. In case you want a short-range
weapon, go for icicle minigun or photon shotgun.


Dead star is the perfect weapon for backup, it reaches a point in the pixel gun 3D game where your main
weapon uses all the ammunition it have you will need a good backup and dead star fits perfectly into
that role. It has a good lethal power, low capacity of ammunition, good firing rate capable of doing some
good work and has a great mobility level meaning you can carry it easily. You can buy the dead star using
the gem but in case you need a more powerful backup, you ought to use the gem to buy the dual hawks
it is characterised by the high lethal power it possesses and a good ammunition capacity.

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